Which of the latest films starring Leonardo DiCaprio is the best?

With the release of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the Oscar race for best picture has been thrown into flux, and this time around, the frontrunner is none other than Leonardo Di Caprio.

The Oscar is in fact on the line, as the two films vying for best Picture are both based on the same story.

“The Revenant,” a sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo and Ethan Hawke, is based on a book written by Michael Hastings, and it’s been compared to the original book by James Patterson, and the film itself by DiCapro.

“There’s a certain sort of magic about the book, which is why I think it’s so important for it to be considered,” DiCapri said about the similarities between the two movies.

“Because it’s really like one thing that happened in a story, and then the story itself unfolds and it becomes something else entirely.”

The second film in the “The Devil’s Advocate” franchise is set in the 19th century and follows a detective named James, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who has to solve a murder of a young woman by a notorious killer.

This time around it’s a serial killer, and James is tasked with tracking down the killer and catching him, before the case can be solved.

“There’s so much of that story that’s not in the book,” DiCapelli said about “The Devils Advocate.”

“It’s this incredible, wonderful story, which you never get the chance to tell.

It’s a very, very strange, wonderful, extraordinary story, but you don’t have the chance.”