“Whew, I’m still learning to use a fax machine”

The first time I ever used a fax box, it was a bit embarrassing.

I was a little apprehensive about getting the machines working, but my parents had a fax for the car and a fax from my sister for the office.

Then my sister got me a new one, and it took a couple of days to learn to use it.

When I first got one, I didn’t even have the tools to do some of the stuff that people use.

I had to figure out how to type, how to write, and what to say to get things done.

My mother would take me out to dinner once a week and we would write her a letter or fax it to her.

It was very much an awkward time.

But as time went on, I began to see how useful the fax machines were for so many things.

They were so easy to use, and I saw a whole world of potential in them.

Nowadays, I would just go to the nearest bank and grab a few fax machines and send some documents to them.