When the US will be able to fax a fax?

A major US federal agency is working on ways to make it easier for businesses to print faxes, including a new technology that would enable fax machines to connect with other devices and allow users to print from home.

The Federal Communications Commission is developing a technology that could allow businesses to send faxes to employees on-the-go and also send them directly to the office.

A fax would require the user to have access to a device that could receive a fax.

One of the main hurdles is the technology.

“The biggest obstacle is that the technology is very new,” said Chris Licht, director of the Office of Information Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Board.

“The technology is still a very nascent field.”

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is developing the technology, called FaxPrint, for businesses.

It is designed to be able “to deliver faxes as an alternative to traditional fax machines,” according to the FCC.

Licht said the FCC is working to get more information out to the public and is developing testing and prototype technology.

The FCC plans to make FaxView, an app that connects devices with faxes that would allow people to print or send fax messages from the home.

The app would also allow businesses that have fax machines in their offices to send employees to fax machines from their homes.

Licht is optimistic that the FaxServ service will get rolling quickly and help companies that are already faxing to customers.

He said he hopes the service will be available to small businesses, who have the ability to make faxes by hand, and to individuals who have limited access to fax technology.

“This could be a huge advantage for the average person,” Licht said.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, only two other countries have fax service: Israel and Russia.

The FCC has been working with the FCC to set up Fax Services, which could be more widely available to the world.

The US has a history of using fax machines, but in the past few years the technology has become more affordable.

The cost of a fax machine in the United States can range from $500 to $800, depending on what type of fax machine you have.

At the moment, it costs $600 to send a fax, and the cost of making a copy is $100.

FaxPrint is also available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

It would enable people to send or receive faxes on their phones, tablets or other devices, or print a copy of the fax, according to FCC documents.

The Federal Register said that it would publish a notice of the FCC’s plans to develop FaxService.

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