Rangers GM Jeff Gorton says he will make a trade for Boston’s John Tavares

Gortan says he expects to make a deal to acquire Tavares, the Bruins’ captain who is headed to the Rangers.

Gortman said he would like to see Tavares go, and Tavares is a player that could fit well into the Rangers’ system.

Gortson is not currently interested in acquiring Tavares.

“I’m going to be active with all the teams and get an opportunity to see who’s available,” Gortin said.

“John’s a great player.

He’s going to have a great impact on this team.

He has great chemistry with [Boston’s] coach [Mike] Babcock, so he’s a perfect fit.

We’re going to see what happens.”

Tavares has been on the trade block for years, but the Bruins have remained open to trading him this offseason.

Tavares’ cap hit of $10 million is the highest among NHL players who have not played at least 100 games in the NHL, and his $6 million cap hit is second highest.

The Rangers have also been linked to trading Tavares in the past, but Gortone said he has no intention of making a deal before the trade deadline.

“We’re not going to move John before the deadline,” Gortsan said.