Quick turnaround on fax machine overhaul, $1.5M in federal grants for tech companies

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday approved a plan to provide more than $1 million in federal funds for companies to make and maintain their fax machines faster, better and more efficient.

The funding will be available to companies that have “a demonstrated track record of innovation” that includes new technology, new products or improvements to existing products.

Companies that make or upgrade their faxing machines to use digital technology, like Google’s Chromebox, will be eligible for the grant, as well as to companies who are making or upgrading existing fax machines, the FCC announced.FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced the grant in a letter to Congress, saying the money will help companies “address and reduce the cost of faxing.”

The Federal Communications Commissions (Fcc) is the U.N. agency charged with protecting and promoting telecommunications services.

It was established in 1934.

The commission is the final arbiter of telecommunications rights in the U to be governed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Under the plan, the Federal Communications Committee (FCCC) will allocate up to $1 billion to encourage the development and commercialization of technology to support fax machines and fax machines systems that are more efficient, faster and cost-effective.

The FCC’s grant, which is targeted at new technology companies, includes a $250,000 award to help companies that manufacture and install digital fax machines.

In 2018, the agency awarded $4.7 billion to companies for the cost reduction of their faxes.

The plan also directs the FCC to allocate $1 for each $1 spent on new technology for the development of fax machines that have a “strong, sustained track record” of innovation.

The FCC said that it will also provide up to an additional $100,000 to companies with “significantly greater need” for additional funding to implement digital fax machine systems, and will make available an additional grant to support “digital technology services” for those companies.

The companies eligible for assistance will be selected by the FCC, which will also allocate $150,000 for research and development of new technology.

The grant is targeted to companies producing or selling digital faxes, and those making or modifying existing faxes for the purposes of fax delivery.

The agency also will award an additional award of $50,000 through the Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTP), for technology companies that are providing digital fax systems to small businesses.FTC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel announced the plan during a speech at the National Association of Manufacturers annual meeting.

“The technology and manufacturing innovation sector is a major engine for our economy,” Rosenworscel said.

“The U.s. must invest in innovation and expand access to fax machines for all Americans, and this grant will help us ensure that we can meet that commitment.”