‘Pray for him’: Colts owner says son was shot in ‘disrespectful’ incident

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts said on Wednesday that his son was fatally shot in an apparent domestic dispute earlier this month.

“Praying for him,” owner Jim Irsay told ESPN.

“My son was killed.

And we have to ask ourselves why he was shot.

I know the situation is hard.

And it’s tough.

I don’t want to make excuses.

I want to talk about it.

But we just got to get over this.”

On Wednesday, the Colts said the suspect in the shooting is 19-year-old Marcus Lattimore.

The police have said Lattire had a gun and was on the run when he was killed in the city of Indianapolis.

Lattimore is from Westlake Village, a suburb in Indianapolis.

His father, Michael, is a local attorney.

According to the police report, Lattiffie told officers that he was driving on Interstate 75 when he and a group of others were pulled over by police in a stolen vehicle.

Lattiffs car was stolen from the dealership and he was wanted on suspicion of drug charges, the police said.

“When the officer pulled over, he was attempting to get out of the vehicle when the suspect shot him in the leg,” the report said.

The officer shot Lattiffe twice in the torso.

A third shot hit the ground.

Police have said the officer was not wearing a body camera and is not being held in custody.

He has not been charged with a crime.