Obama’s legacy in print: How a new generation of reporters, writers and journalists are rewriting the book on how to beat the Trump era

The New York Times reports that in his first year in office, President Barack Obama signed more than 2,000 executive orders, including ones to lift restrictions on the export of firearms, the use of the military for civilian purposes, and the return of millions of U.S. veterans who are no longer eligible for disability payments.

In the first quarter of 2018, for instance, Obama signed an executive order that lifted the ban on firearms exports.

The order also expanded the definition of “national security” to include threats to the U.K., the United States, and “any other nation.”

The order included a directive to the Defense Department to implement a “security-first” approach to securing the border, a move that could put U.M.L.A. and the United Kingdom at greater risk from terrorist attacks, according to a senior administration official.

A similar order was signed in May by former President Donald Trump, who expanded his travel ban to include six Muslim-majority countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Yemen.