How to Stop a DDoS attack using Google Alerts

Google Alert alerts are the perfect tool for protecting your company against a DUST attack.

The alerts provide quick alerts for critical data such as the source of a vulnerability and a notification about when it is expected to be fixed.

It is also an excellent way to send out a message to customers or to customers of your own business.

This article explains how to use Google Alert on your own Google app and the official Google app for Android.1.

Install Google Alert 2.

Launch the Google app on your phone.


Click the Google Alert icon in the top right corner of the screen.4.

Tap the “+” button next to the notification icon.5.

Click “+Add to Google Alert” to add alerts for your company.6.

Tap “Alerts” and then select “Alert to All Users.”7.

Choose your company name from the list and enter the email address.8.

Choose “DUST” from the dropdown menu to choose the company’s domain name.9.

Select the “Update DUST Alerts” option.10.

The Google app will notify you of a new vulnerability in your application or website.


The notification will also alert you to a bug report.12.

Click on the notification and the app will start scanning for vulnerabilities.