How to Get Your HP/SSI Bill Signed in the Name of a Dead Guy

First, a little disclaimer.

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The other thing is, I’m a very busy person.

It took me three years to get my first full-time job and that was during a recession, and in a recession I don�t think I’ve ever gotten any help.

So I don?t know how I am going to get through this.

So my question is, how can I help you?

My advice is, you can call my office at 800-522-3201 and ask for the HP fax number and you can also ask for a copy of the bill.

I have three ways to get that fax: (1) If you?re an existing customer, I?ll fax you the bill; (2) if you are a current HP customer, you will fax it; or (3) if the bill is a bill from a company that I am an employee of, I will fax a copy to you.

The only way I know to get a copy is to use the online tool, but you can always go to your bank or your credit union.

So, I have two options to get this fax.


If you are an existing HP customer: (a) You can go to the HP website, call 800-22-8858 and request a copy from the fax machine; or you can send me a fax through the website and tell me what the fax number is.

You can also fax a bill via a credit card.

This is the best option because it gives you a free fax to go to.

If you do not have a credit or debit card, you may want to call the HP customer service line.

I do not know the information that they will give you.

(b) You will fax the bill and I will send it to you; or I can fax it to your local HP office and then you will go to our fax line and get a fax number.

I will then fax you a bill.

(c) You may fax your bill and send it, but if you want to send it electronically, please call 800–252-1140 and tell them you would like to send a bill electronically.

If they are going the online fax route, you are not going to receive a bill; instead, they will tell you that they cannot fax your request electronically.

I get all of my information electronically.

So if you have a computer or phone, you have to use a software program to send me your fax number to fax it electronically.

Otherwise, you might have to fax through our faxing machine.

(d) You have the option of sending the bill electronically through a pay phone or a computer.

I would suggest that you send the bill to a payphone or an online pay phone.

(e) You are going through the HP support system, so you will have the chance to get information about your bill from the support department.

I hope that you can get information from them.

They have a phone number for you to call if you need any assistance.

If that doesn?t work, you should call 800‑252-6346.

(f) You could send your bill electronically by phone or pay it by mail.

If your bill is due to you in a month, send it in the mail, so that it can be processed before you are able to receive the bill in person.

If the bill isn?t due in a given month, you could mail it to me.

But if the payment is