How to get a call from the US Capitol? From a Google Voice fax

Breitbart News has obtained an email that explains how you can make a call to the US capital.

The email, sent by a Google employee, is dated June 4, 2016 and contains the following:As you can see, the Google employee says that they have a call in order to ask for permission to make a fax to the Washington DC government.

This is the only email I’ve seen that directly says “ask permission to fax” in capital letters, as opposed to the common practice of “ask to fax”.

The employee then tells the caller to use their Google Voice account to call the phone number listed on the fax, then the caller must then answer the phone’s phone number to complete the call.

The employee concludes the email with this:I have a Google voice fax that you can use to fax to Washington DC using the Google Voice API.

 Just be sure to use a Google account to make the call and the Google account password will be kept secure.

You can get a free Google Voice license for $25 a year or a free 10-day trial if you sign up for the GoogleVoice account.