How to fax a resume to your job without paying a fee

The easiest way to fax your resume to any job is to have the job search company pay for it, says Jesslyn, a free and easy-to-use online resume submission service.

“With the Internet, it’s really easy to do it,” Jesslyn says.

You can also use the same service to hire someone for a position you have in mind.

Jesslyn has helped hundreds of people do that.

“Most people do it by clicking on the job application and filling out the form,” Jessyn says.

“They don’t think twice about it.”

A free, easy-use, job search service with a job search feature to help people get hired in the first place can make the job hunt more accessible and less costly.

But there’s a catch.

Jessyn recommends that you first get a job, but don’t just start your search until the job is available.

“There’s a lot of people who don’t even know how to go about it,” she says.

The good news is there are several options out there for free online resume submissions.

“I think most of them work great,” Jessy says.

Here’s how to submit your resume online.

1. and Both of these sites have free resume services to help you submit your résumé.

You’ll need to sign up for both to work, and then select the job that you want to apply for, says Erin Schulz, vice president of public affairs at

You don’t have to pay for any of the work, she says, but the website will pay for the work and will have a link to it on your resume page.

It will ask you to verify that you have enough money to pay the fee, and it will pay your shipping and handling costs if you don’t.

JobSeachers pays you $25 per job, and you’ll also have the option of using a credit card to pay that fee.

2. Another free resume submission site, CVSpades, lets you search resumes on any of its platforms for job vacancies, Schulz says.

Once you’ve narrowed your search, you can download the resume from your favorite CVSpade or CVSpark sites.

Once the job posting is live, you’ll have to fill out the application for the job and pay the fees.

“We provide free online resumes, so you can submit your job applications directly to the employer or send them directly to your resume submission website,” Schulz said.

“If you have a CVSpace site, you will also be able to submit resumes to other CVSpays.”

3. This is another free resume site, but it’s also a free job search site. lets you send resumes directly to employers.

“You can do it for free, or you can pay for a fee for it,” Schutz says.

Work is the official job search website for the Department of Defense, she adds.

You just need to register to get started.

You may also want to consider the website of the U.S. Department of Education, which lets you download resumes and upload them to the agency’s online directory, Schutz adds.

4. It’s easy to submit online resumes and cover letters for jobs, Schultz says.

My Resume lets you upload a resume that matches your resume.

“It’s a really simple process,” Schultz explains.

You simply upload your resume, which will be sent directly to any employer.

You then have 30 days to pay, and the resume is considered to be your official resume for the position.

5. While there are other free resume sites, you won’t have the choice of which one you use to submit an online resume, says Greg Smith, a certified job search consultant and senior vice president at, a job referral website.

“Many people don’t use them,” Smith says.

If you want a paid resume, you should do your homework first.

“Theres a ton of options out here,” Smith advises.

“Some of them are more secure and will cost you more than $50,” Smith adds.

“But some are more convenient and offer free resume service.”

7. There are several free fax services that let you fax resumes to companies, Schulders says.

FidelityFax lets you fax the resume to the company’s online resume listing page.

And you can use this service to send a resume directly to a job vacancy.

Filing your resume is easy.

“Just go to the FidelityFax website,” Smith explains.

The company takes care of the details, and no one has to contact you to get the job.

“So theres no obligation on your part,” Smith