How to call for help if you are stuck in traffic on the freeway

When you get stuck in a traffic jam, you’ll need a way to call 911.

You can dial the emergency number, but you can also write your location on a piece of paper, fax it, or write a letter.

You’ll need that information to call the police if you get into an accident, but it’s also good practice to know how to find your way out of an accident.1.

Get the phone number of the police station.

This can be easily found on the back of your car.

Call the number to verify the address.

You may also need to ask the officer if the station is open.

You need to call before or after the accident so that they can check to see if you were injured.2.

Write the number on the paper you used to call.

This is called a fingerprint.

Use a pencil to write down the number.

You don’t need to use the fingerprint to prove who wrote the number or where it came from.

If you want to get a different fingerprint, write the number you used for your car on a blank piece of white paper and place it in a folder on your desk.3.

Check to see that the number is valid.

You should get an answer on your phone or in your mail.

If your answer is different than what you expected, the officer may ask you to write the next number.4.

If the officer asks you to sign a document, print the document and keep it with you.

You’re supposed to sign it to prove you’re the owner of the document, but this is a good time to look at the officer’s license.

If they don’t give you the license, you can take a picture and post it on social media to show that you’re not a thief.5.

Check your fingerprint on the front of your phone.

You might get a number that is different from your location or the number written on the license.

Call this number to see how you can change your fingerprint.

If it says the number of a person or vehicle, call the number and ask to speak to the officer.

If someone is calling from another area, they may not have a phone number.6.

Get a map.

This will help you find your next turn and make sure you can get out of the jam.7.

Call 911.

If no one is there, you should call 911 and ask the operator to help you get out.

The person answering the phone may be able to give you directions or help you navigate your way to safety.8.

Write down the license number on a note and tape it to your windshield.

You will need this to sign your license.9.

Write a letter to the police.

If a person is calling to you, ask them to write a note in their hand, and then ask them where they got the letter.

They may not know what it says, so they might not know where to send it.

If you don’t have time to get this information, you may want to ask a friend or relative to write your address and write the phone numbers on a sheet of paper and tape to your car windshield.

If the police are not able to find you or you’re too far away, you have another option.

Call your friends and family and say you need help, and you can give them your location and phone number so they can call the nearest emergency service.

Call 311, or call 888-327-9000 for the city of Houston.

If someone is asking you to give them the license or you need your address, call 311 or 888/327-8683 for the City of Houston or contact your local fire department.