Google’s ‘smart phone’ for India needs a name

Google’s smart phone in India needs to be named as “Google Phone”.

The mobile device that makes Google search, Gmail, and YouTube accessible to Indians is currently under construction in the city of Bengaluru, but the company is already planning to roll it out to other cities in the country by 2020.

The company has launched the new device called “Googlephone” which will feature a built-in camera, a camera app and a microphone for chatting and listening to conversations.

According to a report in The Times of India, the device will cost $99.99 in India and is expected to launch in 2020.

It will also feature a Google Wallet app, which is also being planned for India.

While Google Phone has been on sale for around three years now, the company has yet to announce when it will roll it to the rest of the country.

We have an exclusive sneak peek at the Google Phone in India.

Google’s “smart phone” in India, by the way.

Google is also planning to launch its own smart camera in India sometime this year.

When Google launched its smart phone last year, the Indian market had not yet embraced Google’s services.

However, Google has announced that it plans to launch a smart camera soon.

However, Google hasn’t yet officially announced a launch date for the camera in the Indian markets.

Meanwhile, Google will also launch the Google Voice app for the Indian smartphone market.

In India, Google Voice is the only phone service that doesn’t require a Google account to use.