Canada’s unemployment rate falls to 7.1 per cent as job losses surge

The unemployment rate in Canada fell to 7% in January, a decrease of more than one percentage point from January of last year, Statistics Canada said Wednesday.

The agency said the decrease was due to a smaller percentage of unemployed workers finding new jobs, and that the unemployment rate declined to 8.1% from 9.2%.

The data showed Canada’s labour market remained strong in January and the number of people working part-time declined by nearly 7,000 in January compared with the same month last year.

Canada’s labour force participation rate, which measures the number working part time or looking for work, was 61.3%, the lowest since December 2009, Statistics New Zealand said.

The unemployment rate dropped slightly in the final three months of last season.

That marked the first time since mid-2010 that Canada’s jobless rate fell in the last three months.

Canada’s economy was also gaining ground in the third quarter, the final two months of 2016, according to Statistics Canada.