Bid on new bid for New Jersey’s airports opens

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has put forward a bid to buy New Jersey Transit’s rail fleet, which is under a five-year contract worth $2.7 billion.

The $2 billion bid is the latest attempt by Christie to boost the state’s economic fortunes as it grapples with a massive fiscal crisis.

Democrats have called for Christie to run for president and the Democratic-controlled Legislature to hold hearings on his bid.

New Jersey Transit said it is ready to buy the trains and trains cars.

In a news release, Christie’s office said the bids were for “transportation systems that are used by the New Jersey public.”

The governor’s office also said the bid was subject to an internal review.

As of Friday, Christie had yet to disclose how much he would be seeking for the bids.

He has previously said he will seek a bid from a private company to save the agency.

The announcement comes as Christie has made his focus on getting New Jersey out of a budget impasse.

Christie and the Legislature have come under pressure to find a compromise on the state budget.

State lawmakers have not agreed on how to pay for new roads and other public projects.