Best fax machine on the planet? – Forbes article The top fax machine in the world, according to a Forbes ranking, is a humble one with a price tag of £50 ($78).

The machine comes with a 10,000bps (1,000,000 bits per second) speed and is available for £100 ($150) on Amazon.

The machine is used to send faxes to any phone number, but also has an app for SMS faxes, where users can set up a contact and send an SMS to a specified phone number.

The best fax machine article The best fax machines in the UK according to Forbes’ ranking are:A humble fax machine with a low price tag and great features, according a review by The Guardian.

The Guardian’s John Davenport said: “The best machine in my view is the Giga Fax, priced at £50 (about $77), which is an inexpensive alternative to the best machines costing thousands of pounds ($1,800).”

It comes with the ability to send SMS fax messages, which allows for an additional cost.

The app for this fax service allows for SMS notifications to be sent, with users to enter a phone number and a phone call number.

“This allows for a quick and simple solution to the problem of managing a fax machine and a quick turnaround when they’re not needed,” Davenpool added.

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