Australia’s new high-tech fax machine: How it works and what it does

AUSTRALIA’S new high tech fax machine, dubbed the “fax zero” by the Federal Government, has been rolled out to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Key points:Fax Zero, which can print a maximum of 25 pages, will be available to every Australian by next weekFaxZero is a new fax machine from an Australian company called Telefax AustraliaThe company said it was the first Australian product to make it to the marketThe machine can print up to 25 pages at a time and print out faxes to customers without any human intervention.

Key features of the machine:Flexible screen allows for easy printing, faxing and other types of messagesThe machine has a standard width of 12.5cm (5 inches) and can be used to fax out emails, business and legal documents, passports, identity documents, passport applications, and passports.

The device can also print out business cards, passport-sized photos and signatures and fax them to a customer.

“With the introduction of the new technology, Australia’s largest and most technologically advanced business is now able to print a wide variety of documents at a fraction of the cost of traditional fax machines,” said Telefax Australian chief executive officer David Pemberton.

“The new machine will allow customers to fax business cards in a matter of seconds and to fax passport applications quickly and easily.”

Telefax Zero also delivers high-quality, high-resolution faxes, and can deliver the maximum number of faxes a customer can receive from any number of devices.

“It is our goal to deliver a high-standard service that is accessible and affordable for all Australians.”

Telefax Australia is a joint venture between the Australian Government and Telstra, which is the telco behind Australia’s national telecommunications network.

It’s the second Australian product Telefax Zero has been launched in a fortnight, after a similar machine was launched earlier this month in Adelaide.

The Australian Government says the machines are a boon to business, as they provide “a high-speed, reliable, and efficient means of getting work done.”

“The fax zero is an important technology that will make it easier for businesses to send faxes and documents to their customers,” a spokesman for the Australian Communications and Media Authority said.

“This will result in better, faster, more reliable and more cost-effective communications for businesses and consumers.”

Teleport Australia is currently rolling out the machine in an Australian city in Sydney, but the Government has not said when it will roll out the nationwide rollout.

The new fax machines will cost an average of $6,500 for a single-use, single-page device, or $11,000 for two-page devices.