Alexis faxes to Australia, sends them his favourite stories from the first week of the Ashes

The captain of Australia’s Ashes team, Alexis Fernandes, has sent his cricketing colleagues a few messages about the first weekend of the new series.

He has tweeted out a few stories from each day of the first three Ashes Tests.

And while he has not been as vocal about the opening day, he has tweeted his appreciation to the fans.

“We need your support for the Ashes,” he wrote on Monday, following Australia’s opening day win over New Zealand.

Alexis Fernandez (@AlexisFernandesMMA) July 27, 2021The Ashes were played from July 27-28.

The players are still being given their cricketing news from the beginning of the series, with the captain telling reporters that the Australian Test team has been receiving a lot of emails and text messages from fans.

“We haven’t had a lot from the fans,” he said.

They’re getting a lot more from their team mates as well, he added.

Aussie captain, Alexi Fernandes.

(AAP)He also said the Australian team had been giving feedback to the media about the early matches, which was something the players had not had time to do during the Ashes.

“They’ve been doing that all week, and it’s been great,” he added, before adding that they have had a great time with the media.

The Australian team has won two of the three Tests, with their only defeat coming at Lord’s.

The captain has been one of the most popular players in Australian cricket with fans, having captained Australia to a World Cup triumph in 2017 and a series win in the 2019 Ashes.